Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Penang Port

The Port of Penang is a deepwater seaport within the Malaysian state of Penang. It consists of terminals along the Penang Strait, including five in Seberang Perai and one in George Town. The Port of Penang was the third busiest harbour in Malaysia in terms of cargo as of 2017, handling 1.52 million TEUs of cargo, as well as the busiest port-of-call within the country for cruise shipping.

Established in 1786 with the founding of Penang Island as a free port by the British East India Company, the Port of Penang was originally located in the port city of George Town. Under British rule, the Port of Penang played a crucial role in Penang's economy, which largely depended on maritime trade. However, the free port status was revoked by the Malaysian federal government in 1969. The Port of Penang was then relocated to Butterworth on the mainland in 1974 to facilitate the handling of larger container vessels. Today, the Port of Penang remains the main harbour and transshipment hub of northern Malaysia.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

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