Maxis HOTLINK Top-Up (via Kasikorn Bank deposit)

1Decide how much to top up:

MYR10 THB100
MYR30 THB270
MYR60 THB510
MYR100  THB830
~ Payment included an administration fee.
Do not deposit other payment amounts


2Deposit into JANWAWA’s bank account:


3Send the transaction slip and your mobile number to JANWAWA’s LINE Business Account:

  DO NOT FORGET to tell us your SIM card’s mobile number via the LINE app.


Other Top-Up Methods

• How do I purchase an internet/calls extension pass?

- Various time extension passes are available under the HOTLINK app. For example, 1-day Pass, 3-day Pass, 7-day Pass, 30-day Pass etc. Purchase a pass through the HOTLINK app.
- If you have insufficient credit in your HOTLINK account, please top up before purchasing a pass.

• How do I top up my HOTLINK account?

- Top-up value tickets can be purchased at 7-Eleven, myNEWS, 99 Speedmart, mini-marts, petrol kiosks, etc.
- Via the nearest HOTLINK dealer.
- Via “Touch N Go” or other eWallet apps.
- Via Malaysia online banking.
- Via credit cards in the HOTLINK app.
- Via Kasikorn Bank deposit. See previous tab "Top-Up via Kasikorn Bank".

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