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Licensed Tourist Guides

We Use Licensed Tour Guides

It is required by law in most countries that a licensed tourist guide be engaged when a tour coach is ferrying tourists for tour purposes.

"Have you asked for the tour guide badge proof from your tourist guide?"

Licensed guides are well trained to guide visitors with diverse backgrounds and interests in various fields such as cities, countrysides, places of interest, historic buildings, historic sites, scenic spots, museums, shopping, and dining, to name a few.

imageOn December 20, 2010 at 11:40 am, an illegally-modified double-decked coach bus crashed onto a divider and overturned at Jalan Cameron Highlands-Simpang Pulai, Malaysia. The driver, the "tourist guide" and 25 Thai tourists were killed. The accident is regarded as the worst road accident in Malaysian history.

The "tourist guide" was in fact an illegal tourist guide without a license issued by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia.

A few of our competitors in Thailand commonly operate without licensed tourist guides. Their purpose is to maximize the net profit which does not benefit the tourists. It has also deprived tourists from obtaining proper tour commentary and true facts. When bad things happen, those companies might eventually put the visitors in troubles. For example, insurance claims.

In Janwawa, we insist on hiring licensed tourist guides for our tours. Period.

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