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  • Shanghai

    Suzhou Hanshan Temple

    Also called Cold Mountain Temple, it is situated near to Fengqiao old town in Suzhou.
  • Shanghai

    Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum

    Dr. Sun Yat-sen's (the Father of Republic of China) Mausoleum is located in the east suburb of Nanjing.
  • Shanghai

    Chenghuang Miao

    Also called City God Temple, it is located in Shanghai within the old walled city.
  • Shanghai

    Oriental Pearl Tower

    At 468m high, this TV tower in Shanghai was the tallest structure in China from 1994-2007.
  • Shanghai

    Wuzhen Water Town

    Wuzhen is an ancient water old town near to Shanghai.
  • Shanghai

    Songcheng Night Show

    The 2-hour's performance consists of 6 scenes and each is from a historical event in Chinese history.
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Important : The itinerary below is our most common tour package. Please discuss with us to adjust the itinerary if necessary.

Day 1: Home - Shanghai ( D )

- Upon arrival at Shanghai (images), visit to the famous "The Bund" (images) which is Shanghai's financial centre - also known as "Wall Street of the Far East"

- Take a night boat and cruise along Huangpu River (images). Here you can see the past and presence of Shanghai.

- Then do some walking and shopping in Nanjing Street (images), one of the busiest commercial areas in Shanghai.

- Visit to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower (images), 468 meters (1,536 feet) high, which is the world's 5th tallest radio tower as of January 2012. From the top of the tower, you will get an amazing bird view of Shanghai and Huangpu River.

Day 2: Shanghai - Wuzhen - Hangzhou (B, L, D)

- Start the second day by visiting Wuzhen (images), the most beautiful water township in China and touted as the Venice of China. During the visit, take a boat to enjoy the great view where old houses are built on canals.

- Continue our journey to Hangzhou (images). This province is rich in history and culture.

- First visit Lingyin Temple (images). The temple has a history of more than one thousand and six hundred years. It is the oldest temple in Hangzhou. According to legends, Lingyin Temple was where the living Buddha "Jigong" (images) meditated. You can worship here if you like.

-You will then be taken to Longjing Tea Plantation (images) to experience the traditional method of making Longjing (Dragon Well) Tea as well drinking, picking, smelling or buying. The "West Lake Longjing" (images) tea is well-known worldwide.

- At night, visit Mingqing Ancient Street (images).

- If time allows, we will go for branded products shopping at the local shopping mall.

Day 3: Hangzhou (B, L, D)

- Cruise at Xihu (images) or West Lake by VIP boat, one of the famous tourist spot in Hangzhou. It was named after one of the four great beauties of China.

- You can surely take some great photos at the Red Carp Pond (images). It is considered as one of the ten most beautiful landscapes at Xihu.

- Follow next is the Master Yue Temple (images). The graves of Yuefei (images) (the greatest hero of Song Dynasty) and his son are both in this temple.

- At night, go to Song City (images) for a Chinese cultural show.

Day 4: Hangzhou - Nanjing (B, L, D)

- In the morning, proceed to Nanjing (images). Upon arrival, visit Dr.Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum (images). Dr. Sun is the "Father of Modern China".

- Next, proceed to Ming Xiao Tomb (images) in Nanjing where the Ming dynasty's emperor Zhu Yuanzhang (images) was buried. This tomb has been gazetted as a world cultural heritage site.

- The tour continues to Nanjing-Yangtze River Bridge (images). It is 6.77km long. After the worsening of political relation between the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) during the Cold War (1945?991), the Soviet experts withdrew from the bridge project. China was thought to be unable to build a bridge on such a scale by themselves, without outside support. It was completed in 1968 and is the first double-decker, double-track highway and railway bridge designed and constructed by the Chinese without outside engineering assistance.

- We will also pass by the Xuanwu Lake (images) scenic area which is located at the north-east of Nanjing's city wall. This is where the ancient China navy was trained.

- At night, visit Qinhuai River (images). This river witnessed the glorious past and activities of Nanjing people. Many comedies and tragedies occurred in the notorious red-light area along its banks, during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Here you can also visit the Confucius Temple (images) which was built in the Song Dynasty. It is a place to worship the great philosopher Confucius. This area has been the centre of Confucian study for over 1,500 years. Now it has become a commercial centre with many featured shops. Don't forget to enjoy the famous local snacks there.

Day 5: Nanjing - Wuxi (B, L, D)

- Visit the Three Kingdoms City (images) which is one of the CCTV Television movie studios. The "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", a historical TV series, was filmed here. The title, Three Kingdoms (images), refer to the kingdoms of Wei (220-265), Shu (221-263) and Wu (229-280) which were the three rival powers during the period of Three Kingdoms. You can view the live ancient battlefield performance during the visit.

- We will also go for a lake cruise at Taihu (images). Taihu Lake is the third largest freshwater lake in China and is famed for its lake, hills and splendid man-made scenery.

- After that, visit the Ling Shan Buddha (images), which standing 88 meter tall and it is the tallest standing Buddha in the world.

- If time allows, we will do a quick shopping at Yaohan Mall (images) in Wuxi (images).

Day 6: Wuxi - Suzhou (B, L, D)

- Proceed to Suzhou (images) which has over 2,500 years of rich history. It has also been an important centre for China's silk industry.

images- First visit to Hanshan Temple (images) - the temple used to be one of the 10 most famous temples in China. This temple is very well-known worldwide as it was mentioned in an old and famous Chinese poem (see left picture).

- Then move on to Lion Grove Garden or "Shi Zi Lin" (images). It is one of the four most famous and representative classic gardens in Suzhou.

- Then passing by Panmen Gate (images), an ancient city gate with land and water entrances. Ever in China, a gate with land and water entrances was quite typical in ancient China, but the Panmen Gate is the only one left.

- Silk Fashion Show: Another feature of Suzhou is its silk production. In the factory you can see how the silk is produced from the silk worm to the final woven cloth.

- Tiger Hill (images) is a wonderful sight with its leaning pagoda, waterfalls and landscaped paths. It is hard to believe that the hill is man-made. It is a large hillock, standing 36 meters high and covering an area of some 14,100 square meters. Going up to the hill, you will find a number of historical sites, including some from 2,500 years ago, which are as old as the Suzhou city. Built in the 10th century, the leaning Cloud Rock Pagoda stands atop Tiger Hill. The pagoda began tilting over 400 years ago, and today the highest point is more than 2m from its original position.

- At night, do some shopping at Guanqian Street (images), a local shopping street.

Day 7: Suzhou - Shanghai (B, L, D)

- Visit to the Five Buddha Temple (images), a very old and famous temple in Shanghai.

- Then go to the City God Temple (images) which is now turned into a commercial area. In this area, you can find a lot of local food and souvenirs. The old-style buildings situated around this area make City God Temple a great spot for photography.

- Visit to Datong shopping complex (images).

Day 8: Shanghai - Home (B)

- Visit the Home of Song Qing-ling (images), who is Dr. Sun Yat-sen's wife, the honorary chairwoman of the People's Republic of China.

- Experience one of the world's greatest bullet train (images). The journey is 30km and the train's highest speed is 431km/hour.

- The tour ends by saying farewell to the local tour guide and driver at the airport.

EXTRAS: This tour shall include one shopping outlet per day. For example, silk blanket/pillow factory, teapot-making, Chinese jade, Longjing tea plantation etc.




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