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  • Songkhla

    Water Dragon of Songkhla

    The dragon sculpture is divide to 3.The head at the lake , the body at the park and the tail streching along the side way.
  • Songkhla

    Goldern Mermaid Statue

    The Songkhla Mermaid is officially named the Golden Mermaid, or Nang Nguek Thong.
  • Songkhla

    Four-Face Buddha

    Four-Face Buddha shrine is located on a hill at Hat Yai Municipal Park.
  • Songkhla

    Khlonghae Floating Market

    A wide variety of traditional Thai food are sold at 20 Bahts per portion.
  • Songkhla

    Kuan Imm Statue

    This white jade Kuan Imm or Goddess of Mercy is 20m high.
  • Pattaya

    Caberet Show

    The incredible talents of Thai transvestite & transgender community.
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Important : The tour package below is for groups in/out Hat Yai International Airport or Sadao border. For other arrival/departure points, please discuss with us to adjust the itinerary accordingly.

Day 1

* Itinerary below includes all transfer for lunch and dinner (if applicable).

- Pickup at Hat Yai International Airport or Sadao Border.

- Transfer to hotel .

- Free-n-easy at Santisuk Market and the nearby shopping streets.

Day 2

- Pickup at hotel and proceed to Songkhla for tour.

- Visit the following places of interest:

• Golden Mermaid and Samila Beach.
• Water Dragon Fountain.
• Tang Kuan Hill (include tickets for 2-way escalator lift)
• Declining Buddha at Ko Yo.
• Tinsulanond Bridge.

- Transfer to hotel.

Day 3

- Pickup at hotel and proceed for Hat Yai tour.

- Visit the following places of interest:

• 4-Face Buddha.
• Kuan Imm statue.
• Nora Plaza local product outlet.
• Evening Floating Market (only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
• Shopping at Central Festival Mall.

- Transfer to hotel.

Day 4

- Free and easy (shopping streets, shopping malls, traditional massage etc)

- Transfer to Hat Yai International Airport or Sadao Border.

- RECOMMENDED: Hat Yai Ice Dome.
image We recommend that you select this optional item during tour setup.

- RECOMMENDED: Cable car.
image We recommend that you select this optional item during tour setup.

- RECOMMENDED: Caberet Show.
image We recommend that you select this optional item during tour setup.


Hat Yai


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Hat Yai + Songkhla

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* Itinerary might subject to minor changes depending on time availability, arrival/departure time, traffic condition, weather etc.
* The local tour guide might re-arrange the sequence of the itinerary for smooth operation.

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