If you would like to take the opportunity to visit a factory, hospital, farm or any organization in Malaysia or Singapore during your tour, we can arrange it for you.

Request Letter

Permission might be needed to visit certain organizations. For this, we need a request letter from your company.

The letter MUST come with your company's letterhead and full address.

In your request letter, provide all details regarding the visit. For example:

  1. Director/Manager/Principal of group
  2. Type or nature of the group
  3. Number of visitors
  4. Purpose of the visit.

The request letter must be written in English only. Alternatively, you may provide us with your letterhead and grant us permission to compose the request letter on your behalf.

Please email the document to


We charge an administrative fee for acquiring permission and arranging the visit. No administrative charge if request/permission is not needed.

There might be a fee payable to the organization to be visited but most are usually free.

Time Required

Please provide a minimum of 4 weeks. Requests to certain organizations can take longer.

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